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ZdsLogic Technologies

ZdsLogic Technology was founded by Richard K. Campion in March of 2014. His Software Development journey began as a COBOL programmer and he somehow survived the PC revolution and C was king. Richard has worked within teams of software developers programming in C, C++ and Java. In his words ... Consulting as a Software Development Engineer has kept me busy integrating all sorts of Open Source technology, like, Collaboration System(s), Presence Frameworks, Relational Objects, Data Engines, Web Services, Business Intelligence, Edge Node Distributed Control, Data Acquisition, Analysis Environment and Team Solution designs over TCP network protocols.

From low-level data parsing, event-driven messaging to real-time web driven business process defined software.

Specialties: Software Development, BigData, Web Mapping, Internet Applications



  • Programming Languages: Java, C++, C

  • Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, DOS

  • Virtualization: OpenStack, Xen, VMware

  • Integrated Development Environments: Eclipse 2.1-4.3

  • Modeling: Eclipse EMF/XSD/UML, ArgoUML

  • Persistence: JPA, Hibernate, JDBC, RDB, SQL, NoSQL, XML, CSV, TEXT

  • Database Tools: Hibernate Tools, Eclipse Dali, MySQL Workbench, SQLExplorer, Teneo, Squirrel

  • Reporting / BI: Eclipse BIRT

  • MVC Frameworks: Eclipse DataBinding, SpringMVC

  • JEE: Containers: Glassfish, WebSphere, JBoss, Jetty, Geronimo, Tomcat, Jetty Embedded

  • OSGi: Equinox, Felix, Virgo

  • Web Development: HTML5, JavaScript, Canvas, GWT, RAP, JSP, WebSocket, CometD

  • Web Services: REST, JAX-RS, JAX-WS, Axis2

  • Embedded Devices: Linux, Java / Android, C/C++

  • Help Systems: Eclipse Infocenter, MS Help Workshop

  • Imaging: GIMP

  • VOIP: Asterisk, Sangoma

  • Messaging: XMPP: Openfire, Smack; AMQP: RabbitMQ,Qpid; MQTT: Paho; JMS: ActiveMQ

  • Video Streaming: Red5, FFmpeg / FFserver, WebRTC

  • Source Control: GIT, Rational Team Concert, Jazz, ClearCase, Subversion, MKS, SourceSafe

  • Build Systems, Tools, CI: Jenkins, Hudson, Tycho, Maven, Ant, Make

  • Packaging and Deployment: Eclipse P2, JNLP, Zero-G, Zip

  • Software Provisioning: Eclipse P2, Custom Agent-Server, Symantec iCommand

  • Network Management Systems: OpenNMS, Zenoss

  • Web Map Server : GeoServer

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