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  • Virgo

    The Eclipse server designed for deploying OSGi bundles.

  • Tomcat

    The Original Java Servlet Container and reference implemenation from Apache.

  • Spring Security

    Authentication and Authorization for your Spring Applications.

  • PostgreSQL

    A fine database, especially for GeoServer.

  • OSGi

    Powering many a server and applications for a highly modular approach to Java development.

  • OpenStack

    The Operating System Virtualization environment for private and not so private cloud deployments.

  • MySQL

    The most popular Open Source database in the world.

  • Spring MVC

    Java Model View Controller framework. This site uses it too.

  • Linux

    The Open Source Operating System that changed the world.

  • Jetty

    The pure Java Servlet Container that changed the way we think about web application development.

  • JBoss

    The Java EE Server from the folks at RedHat / JBoss ... Check out the JBoss Tooling for Eclipse!

  • New!

    The write once run anywhere Object-Oriented Open Source programming language!

  • Hibernate

    Object Relational Mapping.

  • Glassfish

    The Java EE Server reference implementation.

  • New!
    Spring Framework

    An Open Source Application Framework for Java.

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